2017 State of Manufacturing
Technology Report

Learn how manufacturers are transforming their operations
with technology.

Learn from nearly 200 global manufacturers that have tried and tested new technologies to improve their plant productivity, process improvements and product quality. From wearables to business intelligence applications, get this report to:

  • Understand how manufacturers are building on the connectivity of the cloud.
  • Discover how leading manufacturers are using the cloud to harness the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
  • Look at how modern manufacturers are mining new data from the plant floor for manufacturing intelligence.
  • Find out where manufacturers are going with emerging technologies like drones, smart glasses, and other mobile smart devices.
“The industry has seen increasing technology adoption over the last few years with manufacturing leveraging inexpensive, powerful, elastic, cloud-scale computing to process big data and enable machine learning while enhancing their workforce with better mobility and access from the plant floor to the top floor.”

Jerry Foster, Chief Technology Officer for Plex

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